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John Minnerly was born near Tarrytown, New York, 7 February 1792, married at Thompson, Sullivan County, New York, to Catherine Taylor, born 16 February 1798 in Westchester County, New York, on 20 March 1819. He died at Thompson, 17 December 1837; she at St. Louis, Missouri, 17 December 1849.

Catherine Taylor was a sister of Ann(a) Taylor who married Abel Wicks and whose daughter, Harriet, married Andrew Jackson Minnerly (#34). Abel and Anna (Taylor) Wicks are buried in Sparta Cemetery, Scarborough, New York. Catherine and Ann Taylor were daughters of Thomas Taylor.

John and Catherine (Taylor) Minnerly had:

  i Susan born 1 January 1820, married Alfred Strong.
  ii Wilson born 3 January 1822, baptized 3 July 1826
  iii Louisa born 8 January 1824, married Charles Shumway.
  iv Charles born 4 February 1826, married M.E. Cilliam.
  v Levi born 31 January 1827.
  vi Rebecca born 8 March 1829, married Judson.
  vii Mary Eliza born 23 August 1831, married Josiah Waterall.
  viii Sarah born 21 April 1834.
  viii Albert born 22 December 1836, married (1) -----; (2) ----- Hall.

The first three children are said to have been born in or near Tarrytown. Mary Eliza was born in Thompson. This information came to me from a Shumway descendant (see iii above).

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John Minnerly, the progenitor of this family may be #23.

W.D. Minnerly married Phebe ----- and had: Thomas W. born 1847 and Daniel born 1849. W.D. may have been a son of George and grandson of Daniel.

From the Yonkers Minnerlys came the following information: William born 19 April 1826, died 30 June 1899. He married Alida ----- and had: Harry, Emmett, William, Charles and probably Isaac.

"He married Mary Brill and is buried at St. John's Cemetery, Yonkers."

William had: William, Allen and Irene who married Austin Yerks of Ossining.

This writer thinks it was Isaac, above, who married Mary Brill.

This information seems to dovetail with some unsigned notes among family papers, which say that Daniel and Jemima (Sharpney) Minnerly had: William who died in February 1845. He lived in Yonkers. His brothers and sisters were: George, Daniel, Isaac, James, Betsy Jane, Parmelia, Catherine, Elijah, and Joel. When Daniel died in 1845, James and Joel were deceased. (See also #33, page 22.)

From Pennsylvania Archives -- 2nd Series -- Vol. 11, page 150: Sgt. John Minnely [sic.] Va. drafted 17 Dec. 1781.

Other references to this man appear in the Pennsylvania Revolutionary War records but in each instance there is no "r" in the name.

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John and Mary ------ Minnerly had:

Abram married Elvira whose last name was Martyn and had:

Norman and ------ had:

Clark and Jane ----- Minnerly had:

These families were in Ossining. The information comes from census records and from old letters in possession of the author.

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Names which appeared in the 1860 federal census of New York City
Age at Census
Place of Birth
George Minnerly 60 Tarrytown, New York
Cornelia Minnerly 58 Sing Sing
William Minnerly 36 Sing Sing
Phebe Minnerly 30 Sing Sing
Jesse S. Minnerly 28  
James P. Minnerly 30  
George W. Minnerly 22  
William W. Minnerly 14  
Daniel I. Minnerly 12  
Nath. F. Minnerly 9  
Mary H. Minnerly 3 New York
James Minnerly 33 Westchester
Caroline Minnerly 30 Westchester
Joseph Minnerly 8 New York City
David Minnerly 6 New York City
John Minnerly 4 New York City
Daniel Minnerly 56  
Charlotte Minnerly 45  
Ambroise Minnerly 24  
Jennett Minnerly 29  
Jane A. Minnerly 15  
Gilbert Minnerly 13  

States Minnerly and Sally had sons: Abraham who died 12 February 1890, age 63, and John L. who died 6 February 1893, age 54, at Pleasantville, New York (Town of Mt. Pleasant Records).

Leander Minnerly, born in New Jersey, age 24 in 1860 (census) living in the 16th Ward, New York City; wife Mary also 24; Susan Redman age 50, living in the same household.

Phoebe C. Minnerly born 8 September 1823, died 3 January 1910, wife of Millard F. Requa who died 1882 (Tombstone Sleepy Hollow Cemetery).

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